Wondering where to begin with your business model? Use our canvases as guidelines. Map out your business model and prioritise your marketing goals. 150+ parameters allow you to define your business and find the best matching tactics.


Strategy and tactics

Limited marketing budget? You can now prepare your marketing strategy on your own! Manage your sales and marketing funnels with your team or your clients. Select the tasks that need to be done and stay on course with the "flow" option.
Learn how to achieve your marketing goals with 1000+ battle-proven tactics from Tactics Library.

Content Creation

Too little time to create your content? Use automatically generated content for any part of your funnel, available in 25 different languages. Create content for every digital format and framework such as AIDA, lead magnet topics, e-book ideas, personal branding, or social media posts.


AI graphic design

Don't wait for a graphic designer to return from the lunch break. Learn to generate marketing graphics or unique artistic images in just a few clicks. Make the images you've got in your head, appear on your screen with just a few prompts.


How it works

Start creating copy

Boost your marketing productivity. If you won't - AI will.

Tick the tasks off your to-do list like a super-hero-marketer that you are. All that while having fun.  

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50 personalized sales funnels

and proved in battle tactics recommendations from 1000+ tactics library,

10 x quicker strategy

execution with AI content and graphics generators

archive your campaign

get back to it whenever you want

What the users say

Want to know more?

Check the questions we get to answer most often.
What is a sales funnel?

Funnel is a space where you can create and manage your growth strategy. Every funnel consists of specific tactics - either recommended by platform or chosen by you. Managing funnel gives you the flexibility to decide specific tactics, drag and drop them in the right places and easily plan your digital campaigns.  Experiment on new segments, deliver your product to new markets, introduce your brand to new digital channels.

What is a managed funnel?

You can change, edit, remove and replace funnels whenever you need that 🙂 Which basically means you can manage them dynamically.

What is a growth-marketing tactic?

It is a set of activities that need to be completed to achieve a certain marketing goal.This could include things like creating and promoting high-quality content to attract potential customers, using social media to engage with and retain existing customers, or implementing search engine optimization techniques to improve the visibility of a website. The goal of a growth-marketing tactic is to drive growth for a business by identifying and implementing strategies that will effectively reach and convert potential customers.

What types of texts can I generate with AI content generator?

You can generate any type of content really: from landing page copy, FB ads titles, LinkedIn intros to blog posts, product descriptions, and even TIKTOK titles and stories. Please check the complete list of options by clicking on the content generator button on our website.

What is a graphics generator?

It's a tool within platform that helps you generate SM-ready banners and allows you to create images with the help of AI based on the captions you feed it with.

What types of graphics can I generate with AI graphics design?

You can generate banners for your social media campaigns in various formats: square, landscape, story etc. But also you can create original images based on the prompts you provide in our AI Design too.