Life time access
to Digital First AI as NFT

Buying NFT allows you to receive NFT token and resell it in the future
The value of the platform is growing every month with each significant product update
Join the closed community of NFT owners.
Make decisions about our future roadmap. has already been trusted by over 2000 people

It is just the beginning, we keep growing the platform and making it better every month.
Grow with us!
NFT token allows:
Full lifetime access to Expert Plan
Possibility to resell NFT with an increased value after each significant product update
Closed Discord community access
Unlimited ChatGPT access!
NFT token price will be higher with every drop, correlated with roadmap


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One time purchase
Limited 300 licences in the collection
Buy now
All features above are included
50 managed funells
Unlimited tactics recommendations
2,500 AI credits
300 free AI credits per month (once initial credits run out)
10 team collaboration users

Questions & Answers

If you have any doubts, don't worry - we're here to explain everything you want to know. Let's help!

What is NFT?

NFT is a unique, digital, cryptographically stored Blockchain, certificate of the right of exclusive ownership of a digital file associated with NFT.

How does it work?

To Appsumo Tier 3 deal we release a limited (300) NFT token collection. Every NFT token is connected to account and allows sale access to Tier 3. More information are on: NFT - terms & conditions

What are future NFT plans?

We have created a collection of 5000 NFT tokens, which are planned to be sold quarterly in small packages. During each sale, the platform will be more extensive and valuable, and so the token prices for every sale will be higher (next is planned for $999 each). Sales revenues are going to be invested into features voted on NFT community Discord.

What can I do with NFT

As an NFT holder, you can use in Tier3, be part of the exclusive Discord community, and vote for the platform roadmap. You can also sell NFT on marketplaces (like OpenSea).

Does the account value increase over time?

Yes, because new features will be added to the platform. Its value and price will increase over time.

What do I have to do to receive my NFT?

When you will create Tier 3 account we send you instructions with the form.

Are there any additional requirements to receive NFT?

We made it as simple as we could. All you need to have is digital wallet - if you don't have one, we will send you instruction. When we get your wallet ID, after verification you get your NFT into it