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A revolutionary tool that will allow you to find a tactic to solve any marketing problem and help you execute it automatically, without any external tools

The largest
(and growing) library of marketing tactics

Thanks to an extensive library of tactics, you will assess the effectiveness of each tactic, adjust it to the appropriate industry and type of business, but also be inspired by evergreen tactics, methods of popular growth hackers and strategies of the world's largest brands.

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Recommendation system that will anticipate your needs

Digital First AI will help you quickly translate the business plan into the most adequate marketing tactics. Fill in the information about your customers and check which activities will work best for their businesses.

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A growth hacker community weekly updating the library with fresh, original and proven tactics

Use community ratings to make sure you're using only the best ways to promote businesses

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Tell me something about your customer's business

Use our canvases to validate business, find best products and offer and use content machine framework to find social voice.


Manage funnels

Each of the tactic is associated  with an adequate place in the sales funnel. Manage the tactics, assign them to people and see the results!


Tactics Library

Meet the recommended growth-hacking tactics and instructions for their implementation on the base of your input data. You can always pick tactic yourself from over 1000+ tactics library. For most of them you don’t even need any budget!


Create content

The funnel is now filled with tactics - congrats! Last thing to do is generate content with the help of AI for all the required materials. This includes website, copywriting, social posts, e-mail scenarios or banners!


What's in the future?

Advanced Tactics Recommendation System with AI

Coming in 2022

Full Content Management with AI recommendations

Coming in 2022

Predictive system, advanced analytics and integrations with ad systems

Coming in 2022

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Being able to find an optimal marketing tactic can be a true nightmare.

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