Our goal is a world where instead of marketing skills - ideas multiply

We believe that even the smallest entrepreneur should be able to validate his product and select marketing tactics that are effective for himself. We want to equip entrepreneurs with the ultimate future proof tactics and remove obstacles to creating businesses that have the potential to change the world. Digital First AI transforms exclusive marketing services into accessible and understandable technology.

About Us

For almost 10 years we have been gathering experience in every niche of digital marketing - from strategy and communication through graphics, web development, media buying, performance and analytics. From the perspective of advertising specialists working at agencies, we have been observing a marketing rollercoaster: the lack of standards, the hegemony of huge advertising agencies, the absurdly inflated Martech market, making entrepreneurs dizzy. That is why we took up the challenge of creating a platform in which we will gather all our experience and inspire other growth hackers to share their tactics.

Our Values


Office Culture

DF.AI is a team of marketing freaks who share not only a common passion, but a feeling that the world of marketing can be improved. We believe that this feeling will be shared by everyone who has to deal with DF.AI - an employee, client, growth hacker or integration partner. We have taken the mission of creating a community that will set standards and will be a model for the rest of the business environment.

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