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Funnel for a Gym owners

How to create Marketing Graphics

Choose the graphic format for the channel of your choice and select the template.

Add your copy (you may use our content generator if you get stuck).

Add a logo to keep it on brand.

Select the background image: from your desktop or from a collection of over 1000+ free stock photos and... Generate away!


How to create AI Images

Think of a picture you need. Try to describe it in a few words.

Type the words in the description box to let AI know what you mean, e.g.: "a pink hamster on a big, white horse, Salvador Dali style".

Click the "generate" button and expect to see 4 generated images based on your description.

How it works

Start creating

Doesn't it feel like magic? AI AI, sir. But it's real.

Create your marketing graphics and images in no time to save time and money. Get the results you envisioned in your head without going back and forth to your graphic designer.

50% Quicker and cheaper

You don't have to wait till your graphic designer returns from holiday to get your ideas on screen. Use your imagination and our prompts to start your next ad campaign right away with half the usual budget. And have we mentioned it's super fun?

Suitable for your own brand and for your clients' channels.

You may create marketing graphics and/or artistic images for your own brand or for your clients. All you need to do is change the logo, the template and background image. And the key message of course.


You don't have to worry about the format of your graphics - they are pre-measured and adjusted to each Social Media channel. All you need to do is generate and download them.

What the users say

Want to know more?

Check the questions we get to answer most often.
What is graphics generator?

It's a tool within platform that helps you generate SM-ready banners and allows you to create images with the help of AI based on the captions you feed it with.

What types of graphics can I generate with graphics generator?

You can generate banners for your Social Media campaigns in various formats: square, landscape etc. But also you can create original images based on the prompts you provide.

Does graphics generator allow for generating content?

You can add your own copy to the graphics but if you are lacking inspiration you may use our content generator. Just click on the button below the content generator.

Can I change the font in my banners?

This option is not available at the moment but it's on our roadmap to be available soon.

Do you store my banners and AI images?

You must remember to download the banners you generated if you would like to use them as the platform does not store them in the Banner Generator. In the AI Design the platform stores up to 8 most recently generated AI images.

How many banners can I generate with my AI credits?

One banner generated with our tool costs one credit.  Please check our pricing plan to see the number of credits for your plan.

What if I don't use up all of my monthly credits?

The unused credits don't accumulate. We recommend you create a content calendar so you could prepare all your content in advance allowing you to use up all your monthly credits.