Sticky Fingers Media's Breakthrough with Digital First AI

Empowering entrepreneurs and brands to thrive in the digital arena
through innovative strategy development.


Surge in closing rates


Increase in client campaign ROI


Reduction in client onboarding time

Sticky Fingers Media elevates entrepreneurs' online presence with web dev, ads, and content to craft captivating brand narratives that drive growth.

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Quebec, Canada


Digital Marketing Industry

“Digital First is incredible for launching and assisting businesses to take every step in the right direction."

Jimmy Pavlatos

Founder of Sticky Fingers Media

Client overview

Sticky Fingers Media specializes in enabling entrepreneurs and personal brands to amplify their digital footprint. Offering a wide array of services from web development to paid advertising, they are dedicated to turning brands into engaging stories for their target audience.

The challenges

"Jimmy Pavlatos, the founder of Sticky Fingers Media, articulated the challenge they encountered: "We faced the challenge of efficiently delivering comprehensive business plans and roadmaps to clients while maintaining our high standards of quality and professionalism."

The solutions

Unable to find a software that could centralize all the necessary tools for marketing success, Jimmy discovered the potential in Digital First AI to transform Sticky Fingers Media's approach to strategy development. The platform's user-friendly interface and robust features provided the resources to devise comprehensive roadmaps and strategies in significantly less time.

AI-powered strategies & streamlined workflows

Digital First AI's Strategy and Canvas features have become invaluable assets, helping the company to develop successful strategies and guide clients through their entrepreneurial journey. By leveraging the platform's AI-driven insights and streamlined workflows, Sticky Fingers Media was able to unlock new levels of efficiency and precision in their strategy development process.

Impact & results

Witnessing the transformative power of Digital First AI, Sticky Fingers Media emerges victorious with a remarkable 20% surge in closing rates. This triumph not only showcases the platform's capacity to drive substantial business growth but also underscores Sticky Fingers Media's commitment to innovation and excellence in digital marketing strategy execution.

Become a part of the digital revolution

Motivated by Sticky Finger Media's story? Learn how we can elevate your agency’s digital presence, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth.

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