Gaius Lex's Leap with AI-Powered Ad Creation

How Digital First AI's graphics creator slashed ad creation time by 80%
and drove down costs in the legal sector.


Reduction in advertisement creation time


Savings in resources and increased productivity


Decreases in cost per trial

Gaius-Lex, an AI legal assistant, boosts lawyer productivity by finding answers and sources, leveraging AI to enhance professionals' potential and build trust in transformative technologies.


Kraków, Poland


Legal Technology

"The Graphics Generator was precisely the tool we needed. It enabled us to create Facebook ads semi-automatically, liberating us from the hours spent on Canva."

Witold Wydmański

CTO of Gaius Lex

Client overview

Gaius Lex stands at the forefront of legal innovation, harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize legal research and practice. As a trailblazer in the field of AI-powered legal assistance, Gaius Lex empowers legal professionals to swiftly access relevant cases, analyze documents, and generate forecasts with unparalleled accuracy. With a steadfast commitment to delivering timely and precise legal advice, Gaius Lex recognized the transformative potential of Digital First AI's platform in amplifying their marketing efforts.

The challenges

Amidst their quest for legal innovation, Gaius Lex encountered a pressing challenge in the form of time-consuming manual ad creation processes. The arduous nature of traditional design methods was not only impeding their ability to effectively market their services but also placing a strain on their finite resources.

"Witold Wydmański, CTO of Gaius Lex, lamented, "We found ourselves spending countless hours crafting ads manually on Canva, depleting our resources and delaying our marketing initiatives."

The solutions

Enter Digital First AI's Graphics Creator feature, an epitome of excellence in the realm of AI-powered marketing tools.

AI-powered graphics creator

This groundbreaking solution provided Gaius Lex with a lifeline, offering a semi-automatic approach to ad creation that seamlessly integrated with their existing workflow. With its user-friendly interface and unparalleled accuracy, the Graphics Creator feature enabled Gaius Lex to reclaim precious time and resources, allowing them to refocus on their core mission of revolutionizing legal practice.

Impact & results

The adoption of Digital First AI's Graphics Creator feature heralded a new era of efficiency and effectiveness for Gaius Lex's marketing endeavors.

The startup witnessed a remarkable 80% reduction in ad creation time, translating to significant resource savings and heightened productivity.

Furthermore, their cost-per-trial plummeted to under $7.5, signaling a notable enhancement in campaign efficiency and efficacy through the strategic implementation of AI marketing tools.

In harnessing the power of Digital First AI's Graphics Creator feature, Gaius Lex embarked on a transformative journey towards unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their marketing endeavors.

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