Entic Media's 15% Click-Through Rate Surge with Digital First AI

Overcoming marketing hurdles in real estate, construction, and healthcare through innovative AI strategies.


Increase in social media click-through rates.


Uplift in conversion rates


Hours per day saved

Entic Media offers comprehensive digital marketing services - social, web design, SEO, copywriting - to simplify your marketing and make your business stand out.

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Ontario, Canada


Digital Marketing Industry

"Choosing Digital First AI was a pivotal decision for us. It's been like gaining a new lens through which we see our marketing strategies, clearer and more focused than ever before. This collaboration has not just elevated our campaigns but has enriched our entire approach to digital marketing,"

Thomas Brody Corbett

President of Entic Media Inc

Client overview

Founded in 2023, Entic Media Inc. emerged as a beacon for businesses in the real estate, construction, and healthcare sectors, aiming to cut through the noise with effective digital marketing strategies. Their commitment to leveraging the latest AI tools showcased their foresight and dedication to driving success for their diverse clientele. It's a story of a company not just meeting expectations but exceeding them, by staying on the cutting edge of marketing innovation.

The challenges

Our client faced a dual challenge: crafting impactful strategies and ensuring their swift execution. They sought a solution that could offer not just insights but real agility in adapting to the market's pulse.

"We were on a quest to find an approach that could genuinely save time and amplify our ability to connect with our target audience effectively," shared the founder. This journey underscored their determination to find a tool that matched their ambition.

The solutions

The introduction of Digital First AI was a game-changer. Our platform stood out not just for its cutting-edge generative AI capabilities but also for its intuitive design, making it an ideal match for Entic Media's innovative spirit. "Digital First AI is a testament to the power of combining advanced AI with a deep understanding of marketing needs. It's not just a tool; it's our strategic partner," the founder remarked. This partnership enabled Entic Media to harness the full potential of AI in marketing, transforming challenges into victories.

Entic Media case study - digital first ai

Impact & results

Post-implementation of Digital First AI, Entic Media reported a remarkable 15% surge in click-through rates for their social media campaigns and a nearly 5% increase in conversion rates. Furthermore, daily operations saw a reduction of approximately two hours per day, which were then reallocated to strategic and creative endeavors, enhancing overall productivity.

"The leap in our performance metrics highlights what's possible when you pair visionary thinking with the best AI tools.” - says Thomas Brody Corbett, President of Entic Media."

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