AI Marketing Solves Lead Generation: Emme Undici Fills Tables with 20% More Customers

Overcoming market saturation with innovative AI-powered marketing solutions.


Rise in restaurant attendance


Surge in website traffic


Increase in client sales

Specializing in catering and restaurant marketing, Emme Undici brings targeted expertise to the table.

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Marketing and media

"Digital First AI has transformed into a cornerstone of our strategy, our digital Swiss Army knife. It guides us through the ever-evolving digital terrain, allowing us to meet our customers' changing tastes with agility. This partnership has proven that no challenge is insurmountable with the right blend of innovation and insight," Francesco Pusole, CEO of Emme Undici."

Francesco Pusole

Founder and CEO of Emme Undici

Client overview

Emme Undici stands at the forefront of transforming Italy's dining scene. Guided by Francesco Pusole, this digital marketing powerhouse has seamlessly blended the rich tradition of Italian hospitality with innovative strategies to ensure that every table is celebrated. At the core of their mission is the strategic use of AI tools to cast a spotlight on Italy's gastronomic delights, turning overlooked establishments into celebrated destinations.

The challenges

Emme Undici recently acquired a new client, a restaurant, and was actively seeking ways to optimize, improve, and enhance the marketing activities for this newcomer. Navigating the path to digital distinction was laden with obstacles, especially within a densely populated market. The crucial objective for this new partnership was to amplify the restaurant's online presence, transforming mere clicks into memorable dining moments. Emme Undici's ambitions extended beyond merely increasing website traffic and sales figures; the essence of their strategy also emphasized the paramount importance of operational efficiency and swift execution, ensuring that every initiative not only reached but also resonated with the intended audience.

"Adapting swiftly to our clients' evolving needs remains our primary challenge. They demand comprehensive marketing strategies — and they demand them promptly. Traditionally, developing such strategies could be a lengthy process," says Francesco Pusole, underscoring the urgency of their mission."

The solutions

Embracing Digital First AI was a game-changer for Emme Undici, enabling them to leverage AI to seamlessly overcome challenges. The agency implemented three crucial steps to develop a winning marketing strategy for their new client:

Lean Canvas insights

The agency began by leveraging Lean Canvas to gain deep insights into the online behaviors of potential restaurant patrons. This allowed them to identify the most effective marketing channels to engage with their target audience.

Customized marketing strategy

Armed with insights from the Digital First AI platform, Emme Undici developed a tailored marketing strategy. This included targeted social media advertising campaigns, website optimization for improved search engine visibility, and the creation of compelling content to captivate users.

Optimized customer journey

Throughout the campaign, Emme Undici continuously refined and optimized the customer journey using Digital First AI. This involved adjusting tactics at various touchpoints to maximize results and enhance the overall flow of the strategy.

case study - Digital First AI

Impact & results

Embracing Digital First AI was a game-changer for Emme Undici, enabling them to leverage AI to seamlessly overcome challenges. The agency implemented three crucial steps to develop a winning marketing strategy for their new client:

The outcomes were remarkable, surpassing all expectations:

> A 50% leap in website traffic.
> A 20% increase in attendance during off-peak hours.
> A 15% rise in sales.

This achievement wasn't merely growth; it was a digital renaissance, underscoring the pivotal role of AI in redefining marketing within the culinary sector.

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