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The Month in Review for Digital First AI: September 2021

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The Month in Review for Digital First AI: September 2021

September has been a very successful month for our startup. We have accomplished many things in this period, notably the release of the MVP version of the product and the expansion of our team with 2 new members. We're also working on the next "breaking" update which will be revealed soon!

Now it's time to summarize everything.

1.  Successful application into NewChip accelerator

We are so excited about this opportunity! Our team has successfully finished all stages of application - from initial idea presentation, through interview process and pitching.

We’re very happy that Digital First was recognized as a great idea with a strong founding team and now it will have an amazing chance to accelerate growth in the American market, which is one of our main targets.

PS. For those who don't know NewChip - it's a Texas-based startup accelerator that works with such investors as PayPal, Plug and Play, Dreamit Ventures or Porsche Ventures. They’ve got over 1500 portfolio companies & their portfolio is estimated at the level of $ 9 B+.

2. Application to YCombinator

We couldn’t miss applying to the winter batch of this well-known startup accelerator. We are still waiting for the end of submissions, but we’re going to keep you up to date with the status of our application.

3. New features added

We’ve added a couple of new features in September:

  • there's new user's profile layout that helps you navigate quicker
  • we've upgraded the functionality of funnels management
  • the business statement that helps entrepreneurs get personalized recommendations of tactics from our library has been added to the platform
  • we’ve also expanded tactics library by 150 new tactics and started the very first tests of our MVP

Watch this section carefully in the following updates, because many new features are added every week.

4. First beta-testers on our platform!

Product development process doesn't end with just releasing features. We give access to the platform to a few of the early adopters - growth hackers and entrepreneurs that will help us develop the product.

If you want to join them and get early access to our tool, visit our website & submit the form on it!

5. New people, new campaigns

Despite the product development, there were few additional things that happened last month.

First, we ran a campaign with 50 field-tested marketing tactics that you can get for free. We’ve also reached 1000+ cheeseburgers downloaded.

Secondly, our team expanded with two new members: Paulina Wiesiołek (Marketing Director) & Piotr Krzekotowski (Community Manager). They are responsible for Digital Marketing & Customer Support respectively.

We're very happy to welcome them into the Digital First AI family!

6. Events we attended

We've continued September in the Digital First AI by attending OMG KRK breakfast twice. Right after that, we traveled to Warsaw to take part in the ILoveMarketing conference to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends.

It were amazing events where we had a chance to meet entrepreneurs & growth hackers who shared their experiences and discussed business opportunities.

What's next?

We're working on Digital First AI's next big update which will be released soon.

Stay tuned for more updates & follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to keep up with our startup news.

We’re looking forward to your comments and suggestions in the comment section below!


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