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5 steps on how to create an effective lead magnet

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Paulina Wiesiołek
5 steps on how to create an effective lead magnet

Icebreakers can take many forms. You decide which forms to use. You can choose any of the examples in the table or opt for even more sophisticated options. Remember to test! It is not sure that the video will work better than an infographic in your industry. Decide based on the statistics of the number of downloads of your materials.


- free sample of your product

- valuable article

- infographic with interesting statistics

- checklist

- piece of your book or course

- calculator

- piece of your video 

- e-book

- report

- consultation

One of the simplest and effective forms of an icebreaker is the evergreen e-book.

What is evergreen?

  • Material that is always up-to-date and useful to users, regardless of when they read it.
  • It contains information that does not become outdated, and at the same time provides the recipient with valuable knowledge.
  • The evergreen material is low-cost because you create it once, and it works on you for a long time.

An e-book is longer form than an article and provides more information than an infographic, so on a scale of 1 to 10, its value approaches 10. There you can include tips, counsels, tricks, etc. You can create dozens of micro-content that will work for the recognition of your brand in other channels, including on social media.

How to create an icebreaker in the form of an e-book?

  1. Come up with a catchy title.

It should answer questions bothering your potential customers. You can use ready-made formulas that you can find here. As many as 50 free examples of titles for your icebreaker.

  1. Use simple language.

If you use industry definitions, it is worth explaining them. Check linguistic, spelling, and stylistic correctness using the free plugin

  1. Add graphics, photos, or charts.

To make the e-book consumer-friendly, add some graphics. You can use free image banks such as or

  1. Make an e-book.

To submit an e-book, use the free tool,

  1. Make sure the e-book is responsive.

So it is easily adapted to the device on which you read it.

The icebreaker you create is not only the material that you will use to get leads. It is also content that you will use as a form of micro texts published on Facebook or Instagram. Share them, encourage them to download all material from time to time. Such recycling of content will also solve the problem of lack of ideas or time to create content for social media. You can find out how to do this here. And if you don't have a problem with it, it will primarily support standard communication and interest a wider audience.


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