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3 important reasons why do you need an Icebreaker?

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3 important reasons why do you need an Icebreaker?

If you associate icebreaker with breaking the barrier of first date embarrassment, it will be a perfect analogy to what icebreaker is in marketing.

  1. Icebreaker breaks the customer's barrier before buying.

Imagine that you want to reach new customers who do not know you, have not heard about your brand, and are faced with choosing between you and the competition. What will you do in this situation?

A. You will show them an advertisement with the product and the words "TOP 1 on the market".

B. You will show them an advertisement with free educational material.

C. You will show them an ad with a large "Buy Now" button.

I hope that without thinking of you chose the option that will break the barrier of distrust in your brand, and that is to serve your recipient something that will make your brand credible. It can be:

  • free sample of your product,
  • valuable article,
  • infographic with interesting statistics,
  • checklist,
  • excerpt from a book or course,
  • calculator,
  • video excerpt,
  • ebook,
  • report,
  • consultation.

Be careful! It must relate to the value offered by your product or service or be an answer to the problem you are solving.

  1. Icebreaker allows you to establish a relationship with a potential customer.

You don't try to sell right away, but just like at the first meeting, you talk about your advantages, show yourself from the best side, without being intrusive at the same time. Do you know someone who immediately invites a girl to his apartment after the first date? Of course, there are always exceptions, but these are rarely successful. Therefore, give your potential customers a taste of what you want to offer them.

  1. Icebreaker "sells".

You are probably shaking your head right now and thinking ... But why? After all, I wasn't going to sell anything yet. And that's right, but the icebreaker does it for you. It breaks the barrier, brings you closer to the potential customer, and thus sells trust in you, absolutely for free. And the customer decides to use a sample of what you propose, buys you as a brand, and then the path to buying a real product or service is much shorter.

Icebreaker is a sample of your capabilities, a test of the quality you offer, and a foretaste of what the customer can get from you by establishing a closer relationship with you.

Don't take shortcuts and skip this step in the sales funnel.


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