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The Month in Review for Digital First AI: October 2021

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Piotr Krzekotowski
The Month in Review for Digital First AI: October 2021

If we can use one word to describe October - for 99% it would be the word “challenging”. So much happened during the last month. Travel to Dubai, our first pitch competitions, few press mentions or another product updates.

We cannot wait to tell you about it, so let’s start!

1.  Visited Dubai to take part in the GITEX Future Stars fair

At the beginning of the month we participated in the GITEX Future Stars fair in Dubai. The sunny weather, 38 degrees on thermometer, but above all futuristic and technological atmosphere of the place - these were the things that greeted us upon arrival.

To be honest - this fair was one of the best we have ever visited. Just imagine over 700 startups from more than 60 countries along with a network of 400 international investors and VCs at Dubai World Trade Centre, at one time.

Definitely we brought memories that we will never forget and at the same time we have made a frog's leap in our startup’s journey.

Photo of our booth at GITEX

2. Won 2nd place in #SupernovaChallenge

During the GITEX we also participated in the great final of #SupernovaChallenge. We got into it as an only startup from Poland to finish in 2nd place - which frankly is a really huge success for us!

We would like to thank all the finalists and the #SupernovaChallenge jury for their amazing emotions during the competition. This moment of standing on stage and talking about our vision of DF.AI will forever be remembered as one of the most exciting experiences during our stay in Dubai.

Also congratulations to all the winners. We wish everyone that their projects achieve their dream success!

DigitalFirst.AI at GITEX Future Stars

3. Mentioned by Polskie Radio & Mam Startup

Our short stay at Dubai did not go unnoticed. DigitalFirst.AI’s efforts were perfectly summed up by both Polskie Radio & Mam Startup.

Mam Startup released the news about the results of the #SupreNove competition during GITEX, which you can check here.

Whereas Polskie Radio published an article consisting of a quick interview given by our CEO, Rafal Tromczyński, at GITEX. You can find a link to the interview here.

Article about DigitalFirst.AI in Polskie Radio

4. Participated in Wolves Summit

Speaking about conferences, we’ve been present at this year’s Wolves Summit event - both online and offline. We met new people and talked to a lot of humble founders & experienced partners from Venture firms.

We are already waiting for next year’s event!

5. Created short explainer video

For those of you who are still waiting for the first release of our platform we have prepared something special. We created a short explainer video that shows how our product works - check it out down below.

6. Released 2 new blog posts

Despite waiting for the product release and watching videos you can also read brand new articles we have released this month.

First of them explains step by step what is Tesla’s marketing strategy and how they execute it. Second one goes a little bit deeper into AI stuff and tells the story of its potential in marketing based on how airplanes work today.

There's nothing left to say other than to wish you a pleasant reading.

What's next?

This month we dropped a lot of new posts on our social media platforms so if you don’t follow us there yet I strongly recommend doing so.

It’s a matter of weeks when you will be able to sign up and use the power of automatically generated marketing tactics based on your business data - so stay tuned!

As always you can leave us a comment or send a message if you have a question.


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