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The Month in Review for Digital First AI: November 2021

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Piotr Krzekotowski
The Month in Review for Digital First AI: November 2021

The closer it gets to the end of the year the clearer we see the compound effects of our work. Every action we took in Q3 or Q4 this year made us a little bit closer to the launch of the product.

October was no different - it brought us a lot of fun, but also hard work . Let’s dig into that!

1.  Added new feature called “sales funnel recommendations”

The velocity of moving forward was pretty fast, but let’s start from the very beginning - with some product updates. As you may know from September's recap video we had finished building features like the user profile, funnel management or a business statement.

But today we have launched something special - the feature that everyone has been waiting for with great enthusiasm. And this feature is sales funnel recommendations. How does it work?

Based on the data provided in the business statement, our system will automatically recommend you a personalized marketing funnel full of tactics that suits your business. This way you’ll be able to implement it immediately and see the fast results.

Just between us - early platform testers say it’s a real game changer.

Sales Funnel Recommendations at DigitalFirst.AI

2. Created onboarding video

In the mission of making the most out of our platform with help comes our new video onboarding. It will guide you step by step through every stage of creating a digital strategy and at the same time explain what the individual elements are.

It’s pretty awesome especially for those of you who do not have in-depth marketing knowledge. Check it out!

3. Mentioned by Puls Biznesu

Recently we’ve been mentioned a few times in the press including Mam Startup or Polskie Radio, but this month was time for Puls Biznesu - one of the most recognizable business-related media publishers in Poland.

This was due to the publicity that artificial intelligence can prepare and execute the entire marketing strategy. You can find a link to the article here.

Article in Puls Biznesu

4. Participated in Web Summit

The last month has been marked by GITEX - we spoke about it quite a lot in the November review. However it wasn’t the last event we participated in.  

At the beginning of November we got a chance to take part in a WebSummit in Lisbon. Conference was really exciting and the thing that I admire the most about this event is networking - which was truly amazing!

Main stage at Web Summit 2021

5. Carried out Black Friday campaign

In the November recap we couldn’t also miss a mention of the Black Friday campaign. We put together the most effective marketing tactics used daily by top global brands & share it with the communities we belong to.

As a result our contact base for early access exceeded 1000 people. That's really stunning news!

One of our top Black Friday tactics

6. Newchip update

At the end I also have to write a few words about our acceleration in the NewChip program.

We have already started the first training with a global community of founders, business angels, and venture capitalists which will end with pitching in front of 100’s of investors from the US.

Program is really challenging, but it shouldn't be surprising as it focused on raising funding up to $1M.

What's next?

Everyday is one step closer to releasing our product. We bet that December and January will be groundshaking, so watch closely.

Stay tuned for more updates & follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to keep up with our startup news.

We’re looking forward to your comments and suggestions in the comment section below!


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