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The Top 17 SaaS Marketing Tools To Help You Grow

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The Top 17 SaaS Marketing Tools To Help You Grow

SaaS marketing can be a confusing area—you've probably heard of the most popular tools, like HubSpot and Marketo, but there are so many other options that it can be hard to know where to start.

In this guide, we'll walk you a list of 17 SaaS marketing tools and its features—so that instead of drowning in all your options, you can make an informed decision about which ones are best suited for your business needs.

Top 17 SaaS marketing tools to help you grow

Digital First AI

Let's face it: the world of marketing is changing. It's no longer just about making sales—it's about building relationships, and that means understanding how to be a service provider instead of a seller.

But if you don't have the time or skills to do this on your own, where can you go? The answer is Digital First AI. Digital First AI is a marketing platform that helps businesses grow by providing them with the best growth-hacking tactics. It's like having access to a library of approaches, where you can study the strategies of popular businesses and skilled marketers as well as advice from experts who have been in your shoes before. Digital First AI is for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the features:

  • Tactics Library: We've done the research and found over 1000+ tactics that we think are best suited to your business. You can always pick a tactic yourself, or use our library to browse through some of the most-recommended tactics.
  • Create content: We'll create content with the help of AI for all the required materials—website copywriting, social posts, e-mail scenarios or banners!
  • Manage funnels: Each tactic is associated with an appropriate place in your sales funnel; manage them and assign them to people so you can see how they perform!

Try Digital First AI for 7 days, risk-free. We're confident that you'll love how our marketing strategy tool can help you grow your business.


VWO FullStack is a cloud-based application that allows you to run tests on your website or mobile app and make changes without affecting your site's performance or user experience. It also enables you to test multiple versions of a page simultaneously so you can compare them side-by-side, which makes it easier for you to determine which version is more effective.

1. VWO FullStack: VWO FullStack is a comprehensive tool that lets you run A/B tests, collect user feedback, and improve your user experience with heatmaps and funnels.

2. Product / feature deployment: With this feature, you can deploy new products or features to a group of users in your application while keeping other users on an older version so they don’t see the change until it's been tested by all new users.

3. Onboarding optimisation: This feature allows you to personalise your onboarding process based on what people do when they first sign up for your app. You can also use this feature to create funnels that show how users interact with certain parts of your app over time—and then optimize those pages for better conversion rates!

4. A/B testing: Offering multiple versions of one page within an application can help you understand how different designs affect user behavior and conversions (or whatever metric matters most to you).


Hootsuite is a social media management system that enables you to monitor multiple social media networks in one place. You can view streams from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels in real time, schedule messages in advance and collaborate with your team. The best part? You can start free!

Here are some of the features:

1. Monitor Multiple Social Media Streams in One Place: Hootsuite allows you to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts from one location. You can also keep track of Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts with this app.

2. Schedule Posts in Advance: Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts up to six weeks in advance, so you can stay on top of all your social media channels without having to log into each account every day or even every week!

3. Social Media Listening: Hootsuite gives you access to real-time conversation data from all over the web through its keyword monitoring tool that lets you know what people are saying about your brand online instantly so that you can respond accordingly!


Zapier is a software tool that connects to your favorite apps to automate your repetitive tasks.

It’s kind of like if an auto mechanic could fix your car without you needing to drive it into their shop, or if your favorite coffee shop knew exactly what you wanted every morning without having to ask.

Zapier lets you set up “zaps” that trigger actions when certain events happen—like when one app sends an email, or another app sends a text message. You can link those zaps up with other software tools so that they work together in real time.

Zapier also offers pre-built connectors to make it even easier for you to get started with automation. They have over 700 apps available for integration! These connectors have already been built by other users and allow for easy integration between two different tools. There are also custom connectors available for those who need something more specific than what is offered in the library.

Once all of your tools are connected, you can start building workflows through the Zapier interface. These workflows allow you to create rules for when certain actions occur within one tool and then apply them to another tool through a series of steps that are determined by how many times these actions occur together (or separately).


If you're looking for a tool that can do it all, HubSpot CRM is the way to go.

We're talking about sales and marketing automation, content curation, lead generation, and more—all in one place.

With an intuitive interface and powerful integrations, you can streamline your entire business process with HubSpot CRM. It's like having a team of virtual assistants at your beck and call!

Here are some of the features:

1. Automated CRM database - The platform has a database of more than 1 million companies and 20 million contacts. The database can be accessed through API integrations or via other apps. With the help of these tools, users can create an automated workflow that keeps track of all the activity happening on their website.

2. List segmentation - This feature helps in creating lists based on different criteria like location, demographic information etc., so that users can reach out to those who are interested in their products/services instantly. This helps in increasing ROI (Return On Investment) significantly as it increases user engagement levels automatically without spending extra money on ads or promotional campaigns.

3. Landing pages, web pages, and blogs - With HubSpot landing page builder you can create eye-catching landing pages that convert visitors into leads. You can also use their blog builder to create engaging content for your blog posts in minutes!

4. Automated workflows - The automated workflow feature allows you to schedule emails for later delivery. This means you can set up campaign drip emails or send out messages at specific times of the day or week!

5. A/B testing - A/B Testing allows you to compare two versions of a webpage, landing page or email template against each other and determine which one performs better based on traffic volume or conversions rate


Loom is a video making solution designed to help businesses facilitate workplace communication through video or screen recording capabilities.

Loom was built with the idea that connecting your team members can make them feel more connected, and this increases engagement, productivity and retention. It's not just about sending out a company-wide email or holding a meeting in person—it's about helping your team feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves.

Loom allows you to quickly create videos and screen recordings to share with colleagues that include:

  • Screen Recordings
  • Voiceover
  • Text & Annotations
  • Video Chat


Ahrefs is one of the most popular link building tools on the market and a key one for digital marketers. With Ahrefs, you can find backlinks, keywords, competitor domains and more.

Here are some of its most popular features:

  • Find link building opportunities
  • Discover backlinks to your website or competitor domains (including organic search results) with our dedicated tool.
  • Find keyword data (keyword ranking position and difficulty scores) so you can identify the best places to target with your content marketing strategy.


SEMRush is a powerful, flexible suite of marketing tools for digital agencies and in-house marketers. It’s great for keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink analysis.

SEMRush can help you find long tail keywords that are relevant to your business by providing keyword suggestions based on search volume trends that have taken place over the last 12 months or so. This allows you to see which keywords are more likely to be searched than others. If you want to see how popular a certain phrase has been historical, this tool will provide you with information on its popularity since 2004!

SEMRush can also help you do everything from analyzing your competitors’ SEO and PPC efforts to finding link-building opportunities by providing thematic research on particular categories of web pages.


Hotjar is a tool that allows you to see how users are interacting with your website. It records user clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, form entries and more. It's a great way to see what your users are doing on your site and how you can improve your website.

  • Use Hotjar to track user behavior on any device: desktop computers or mobile phones
  • See which pages are most visited in real-time
  • Discover which pages people have problems finding and fix them by adding breadcrumbs or changing the order of the information presented. Hotjar also lets you capture visitor recordings so that you can watch visitors as they use your site or app, then test different variations of each page while keeping track of which one performs best!


Activecampaign is an all-in-one CRM, email marketing, marketing automation and customer support platform that addresses most of the day-to-day and quarterly challenges SaaS companies face.

Here are some of the features:

  • A built-in CRM with features like lead scoring and lead nurturing
  • Marketing automation tools to help you automate your sales funnels, including drip campaigns and autoresponders for email marketing
  • Email marketing tools that allow you to create custom email templates and manage your subscribers in one place
  • Customer support tools that let you manage customer conversations across multiple channels including social media
  • Activecampaign also gives you personalization options so you can tailor content based on behavior or demographics.


Drift is a tool that helps you run better live chat and email campaigns. It's an easy-to-use customer engagement software that allows you to create and send messages to customers in real time, as they're browsing your website or using your app.

Drift makes it simple for sales teams to manage their conversations with customers through one central dashboard, without having to constantly switch back between multiple tools. And since Drift integrates directly into the platform you already use for marketing (whether it's HubSpot CRM or Salesforce), you can have all of your marketing efforts in one place.


Fullstory is a user session recorder for web apps. It records every click, mouse movement, and keypress of your users to help you improve your product and marketing.

Fullstory can be used to:

  • see how people use your product (in order to improve it)
  • improve the user experience of your website or app (by seeing where people get stuck)
  • better understand customer behavior (so you can target them more effectively)

If you’re a B2B SaaS company, then you probably know that finding leads is one of the most important parts of your business. You need leads to grow your revenue and grow your customer base, but how do you find them?

The answer lies in some of the best tools out there. One of those tools is Hunter’s standout feature is its Domain Search tool that allows you to type in the URL of any website and get a list of emails for employees at that company. Here are some of the features:

1. Domain Search: This feature allows you to type in the URL of your competitor’s website and immediately view their email addresses, social media accounts, and phone numbers. No more guessing!

2. Email Finder: With this feature, you can type in an email address and find all associated domains. Just enter an email address into the search bar and see what domains come up! This is great if you have a low-quality domain but want to know what other domains might be available for purchase or lease. And if there are no options available for purchase or lease, maybe it’s time for a new domain name?

3. Email Verifier: Verify if an email address is valid or not with this handy tool! Just enter an email address into the search bar and see what comes up!


Intercom is a customer communication platform. It's a messaging tool. It's also a CRM, helpdesk and sales tool. But it also acts as a marketing tool for product marketing teams, who need to build the right messages for their customers along their journey.

That's why we included Intercom on this list of SaaS marketing tools—it can be used by anyone who needs to communicate directly with customers in order to increase engagement and grow revenue.

Intercom's primary function is as an all-in-one toolset for messaging and helping users through each stage of the buyer journey: from identifying which messages are sent out when; through delivering those messages; measuring their performance; closing them off with interactions like polls or surveys; up until finally getting feedback after each interaction is over so that you can improve upon your strategy next time around (and there will always be next times!).


Databox is a cloud-based business intelligence platform. It pulls data from all over the internet and puts it in one place so you can access everything you need to know about your business from one dashboard. You can create custom dashboards to meet the unique needs of your business, and Databox makes it easy to share them with different departments within your organization.

Here are some of the features:

1. All your data in one place: Databox pulls data from all of your sources, so you can see everything in one place.

2. Custom dashboards: You can create custom dashboards to meet the unique needs of your business, including metrics specific to your business or department.

3. Dashboard templates: When you're ready to get started, we have a library of pre-made templates for common metrics—including sales, marketing, customer service, and finance—that you can use as-is or as inspiration for creating your own.

4. Integrate your data: Because we know how important it is to have access to all of your data in one place (and not be locked into any one provider), we support APIs from nearly every major SaaS provider—so if there's something else you want us to integrate with our platform, just let us know!

5. Goal tracking: You can set goals for any metric on any dashboard and see how well you're doing at meeting those goals over time


Leadfeeder is a tool that helps you find new leads. It helps you find leads that are already interested in your product and also those who may be interested in your competitor's product.

The ability to use Leadfeeder effectively begins with understanding what it can do. Some of its key features include:

  • A database of over 50,000 companies from around the world so you can see what they're looking for
  • The ability to track how many people are visiting each page on your website (pageviews) and which pages they're coming from (traffic sources)


Crazyegg is a heatmap tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website. It provides an array of features, including:

  • Visitor Recordings - CrazyEgg records visitor activity on your website and enables you to replay it and see what visitors do when they visit your pages. This can be useful for analyzing where visitors click or why they leave the page without making a purchase. For example, if a high number of visitors go straight to the contact us page instead of seeing any other content on the site, this might indicate that the layout needs updating so more information about services is obvious from the landing page.
  • Heatmaps - Heatmaps show how often people click on different parts of your website's pages (a number next to each section shows how many times people clicked there). This allows you to identify areas that are popular with customers but may not be as visible as others (e.g., social media buttons). You can also see where customers hover over links or buttons that lead away from your site (instead of clicking them), which indicates whether there’s anything else these links could offer customers before taking them away from their current experience; perhaps an “add to cart” option would increase sales?

It's a wrap

And there you have it! Our list of SaaS marketing tools is complete. We hope you found a few new tools that will help you reach your goals and keep your business on the cutting edge. If you want to take your SaaS marketing to the next level, check out our other guides on this topic.


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Being able to find an optimal marketing tactic can be a true nightmare.

With Digital First AI, you’ll have an expert growth hacker by your side every step of the way. Try us for free and find out how easy it is to resolve your marketing problem. Whether it's growth hacking or conversion - we are here to help you find a solution.