A MarTech startup, DigitalFirst.AI, is a platform that aims to help entrepreneurs develop their business, thanks to marketing tactics

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Paulina Wiesiołek

Another 300 thousand PLN will come from investors associated with PromoAgency and Novem agencies. The goal is to develop a platform for creating marketing strategies? without human intervention. The strategy is to be created by artificial intelligence powered by data about the company's marketing goals.

A team with over 10 years of international experience in the digital marketing industry has just completed the first stage of the project. He developed the first version of the platform, now makes it available for free together with interested experienced growth hackers, creates libraries of marketing tactics and builds a community of experts around DigitalFirst.AI The mission of the founders is to equip entrepreneurs with the best tactics for the future so that without the participation of marketing agencies, they can independently implement effective campaigns and develop your businesses. DigitalFirst.AI will transform exclusive marketing services into accessible and understandable technology.

From left: Grzegorz Gracz - Founder, Paulina Wiesiołek - Marketing Director, Michał Tokarski - Co-Founder, Rafał Tromczyński - CEO, Lena Krzemieniewska -Strategy Director. The team also includes CTO - Marcin Szczurek and Piotr Krzekotowski - Community Manager.

Having served for years in the PromoAgency marketing agency, large clients such as BP, LOT, ALDI, MAN Polska, Plantwear or Kruszwica, as well as smaller brands - I noticed that in most cases we rely on similar marketing tactics, and only budgets and segments change to whom we want to reach with the message. We used tactics that are very effective but are in no way standardized and generally available. We felt that there was chaos in the marketing market in terms of effective tactics and that is why we decided to create DF.AI so that everyone could have access to reliable marketing knowledge, choose their tactics and effectively acquire clients for their busines - says CEO of DigitalFirst.AI Rafał Tromczyński.

The MarTech (marketing software) market has been booming for over 10 years. From 2011 to 2020, its value increased fifty-fold, according to information provided by chiefmartec.com. The market is growing exponentially - in 2019 it was worth $ 120 billion, and in 2020 it was already $ 350 billion. The development of technology results in the emergence of more and more tools that accelerate the work of entrepreneurs and give them access to valuable knowledge previously possessed only by specialized experts in a given industry. The development of technology results in the emergence of more and more tools to accelerate and facilitate the implementation of effective marketing campaigns, and entrepreneurs lead them by the hand, giving them unique knowledge, which until now was reserved only to experts from marketing agencies. DF.AI follows this trend by offering the use of unique and proven marketing tactics.