DigitalFirst.AI is the only Polish startup that was in the final of the Supernova Challenge competition during the GITEX Future Stars in Dubai and took 2nd place

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Paulina Wiesiołek

The competition took place during one of the largest international fairs, GITEX Future Stars. DigitalFirst.AI was initially selected from 700 other startups from over 60 countries around the world, and eventually was among the 22 finalists and took second place in its category.

When someone asks me if I was surprised by the promotion to the final, I answer in accordance with the reality, it surprised me incredibly, but on the other hand I felt that we were creating a great product and it would defend itself. Until the end, I believed that I would share our vision in front of the final jury. The founders, Grzegorz Gracz and Michał Tokarski, did not doubt for a moment that I would go further and take part in the final. The second place in the MarTech category only confirmed that what we do solves the problems faced by entrepreneurs and marketers. That is why we will want to provide them with value as soon as possible, which is not on the market at the moment. We want to standardize the world of marketing and make good ideas successfully develop thanks to our platform - says Rafał Tromczyński, CEO of DigitalFirst.AI.

DigitalFirst.AI has just launched a free version of the platform for entrepreneurs, marketers, growth hackers and all those who want to achieve better marketing results faster using proven tactics recommended by the system.