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Benefits that you can have as lifetime user:
Lifetime highest unlimited tier, unrestricted lifetime access to our ever-evolving Digital First AI platform
Inclusion of all future features (check out our roadmap!)
The ability to use your Unlimited Expert plan and potentially resell the token in the future, as the value of our platform increases
Invitation to our closed Discord community where you can have a say in our roadmap and priorities
A one-of-a-kind lifetime deal that only becomes more valuable with each passing month
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At Digital First AI, we believe in the power of community-driven products. That's why we've created a closed community of co-founders who work together to shape the future roadmap and values of our platform, based on your needs and feedback.

The NFT is more than just a virtual asset - it's the key to lifetime access, all future features, and a unique community of marketing experts. As a token holder, you'll have complete control and the ability to resell in the future as our platform grows in value.

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Lifetime Expert plan includes:
All features developed in future (check roadmap)
NFT token for lifetime with deal resale potential
Unlimited tactics recommendations
Unlimited AI credits - use tool without limitations
Unlimited funnels
Collaborate with 25 team members option
Al copywriting (create marketing texts)
Banner generator (make ad formats quicker)
Al Design (GPT-3 Graphic creation from text)
Discord community


Next planned features releases

Landing page generator
Create landing pages needed for your funnel that convert with minimal effort. Page generator will use information about business and AI copywriting tools.

AI Strategy creation
Automate creating the strategy for your and your clients' businesses. Generate BMC, define target groups, and communication strategy and use them to prepare a high-converting funnel with only a few inputs about the business.

Automated marketing funnels
Create funnels that are making all repeatable by themselves with AI and all fundamental marketing integrations. For example: automatically post creation with social media publishing.

Canvases 2.0
Upgrade to digital business planing tools that allows users to create basics of marketing strategy. New UX, tools, possibly to export etc.

NFT drop rules

  • Lifetime accesses with NFT will be released in a limited time with limited tokens. There will be no possibility to buy tokens from the primary market beyond this sales.
  • Every drop will always have a specific purpose - features that will be developed after rising a limit.
  • Every next token drop will rise the price (as the value of the platform will grow with a new features).
  • Monthly subscription pricing also will grow with the platform (lifetime deals with every price rise will be more and more valuable).
  • We are planning to release a limited 5000 NFT with a lifetime deal (it's only 0,17% of our target market). There will be no more and that is the only chance to receive a lifetime deal.
  • We are still running our planned roadmap to create a one-click marketing solution funded by VCs and product growth.

Questions & Answers

If you have any doubts, don't worry - we're here to explain everything you want to know. Let's help!

What is NFT?

NFT is a unique, digital, cryptographically stored Blockchain, certificate of the right of exclusive ownership of a digital file associated with NFT. Key of usage NFT with DigitalFirstAI platform is to allow token holders to authorize right to use the platform and resell the access on markets (like OpenSea) in the future.

How does it work?

Purchase allows to receive NFT that authorize lifetime Expert plan access to Digital First AI platform. NFT resell disables sellers Expert plan and give possibility to authorize access of a new user, so while reselling there is no need to share Digital First AI with account history.

Seller also can use his account as before by purchasing standard subscription.

You can read more at terms & conditions.

What are future NFT plans?

We have created a collection of 5000 NFT tokens, which are planned to be sold quarterly in small drops. During each sale, the platform will be more extensive and valuable, and so the token prices for every sale will be higher.

Sales revenues are going to be invested to create a new features that grows platform (and lifetime access) value.

What can I do with NFT

As an NFT holder, you can use with lifetime Expert plan, be part of the exclusive Discord community, and vote for the platform roadmap. You can also sell your NFT on marketplaces (like OpenSea).

Does the account value increase over time?

Platform roadmap focuses on creating the best all-in marketing solution on market. With every update, the value of the platform will increase and our target group will expand. We are planning to rise up monthly subscription costs. Also, tokens will cost more for every drop.

Our core business is still to share the platform in a subscription model, so the number of NFTs shared on market will be limited to 5000, which should stimulate aftermarket demand for lifetime deals.

We gave you, as early adopters - the possibility to help us with platform growth and honor you with the best possible deal that will be snapped out in the future.

What do I have to do to receive my NFT?

After purchase you will receive instruction. You will need to create account on and prepare Crypto Wallet (MetaMask preferred).

Are there any additional requirements to receive NFT?

We made it as simple as we could. All you need to have is digital wallet - if you don't have one, we will send you instruction. When we get your wallet ID, after verification you receive holders right to token.

Depuis 2011
De grand timide à conférencier international. David Laroche a personnellement rencontré, interviewé ou accompagné plus de 300 personnes qui excellent dans leur domaine.
  • Athlètes de haut de niveau : Martellus Bennett des Chicago Bears
  • EntraĂ®neurs sportifs : StĂ©phane Waite des Chicago Hawks
  • Producteurs de film : Barrie Osborne producteur du Seigneur des anneaux et Matrix
  • Entrepreneurs : Oussama Ammar, Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Fred Mazzella (BlaBlacar), Anthony Bourbon (Feed).
David Laroche interview avec Marc Simoncini, fondateur de Meetic
Mars 2012
Il s’est fait connaître au début de sa carrière par la diffusion de vidéos d’inspiration visant à aider les personnes à gagner en confiance, accélérer leurs résultats et réaliser leurs objectifs.

David Laroche a acquit une renommée internationale avec plus de 80 MILLIONS de vues sur sa chaine David Laroche et Business impact.
David Laroche nombre de vues sur sa chaine YouTube
En 2014
Alors qu'il a 25 ans, il est qualifié dans la presse comme “prodige de la confiance en soi”.
David Laroche est qualifié en 2014 dans la presse comme “prodige de la confiance en soi”.
En 2016
L’association internationale des meilleurs professionnels basée à New York lui décerne le prix de meilleur “motivational speaker” de l’année.
En 2017, David Laroche recoit le prix de meilleur “motivational speaker” de l’année.
En 2017
David Laroche obtient le VISA O-1 et est ainsi reconnu par le gouvernement américain comme possédant des compétences extraordinaires.
David Laroche décroche le visa  O-1
En 2016, 2018 et 2019
David Laroche a été sélectionné à trois reprises pour des interventions pour l’organisation internationales TED.

Chaque année, il accompagne des dizaines de milliers de personnes lors d’événements “live”, organisés dans plus de 15 pays.

Reconnu pour sa détermination et son inlassable persévérance, David Laroche incarne cette génération d’entrepreneurs qui passe à l’action pour se créer une vie sur-mesure.

Son crédo: « Je ne sais pas ce qui est possible ou non, alors j’agis comme si tout est possible… »

David Laroche et l'organisation Ted Talk